Prakriya Green Wisdom School

Application forms for admissions for 2018-19, are being issued at the school office for Prep 1(L.K.G), Prep 2 (U.K.G), Class 3, Classes 6 to 10.


Pioneering Humanistic and Earth Conscious Education

Over two hundred years of the Industrial Revolution has filled the world with things for our convenience and safety... but it has also made people undervalue their potential for a fulfilling life and has polluted the land, water and air.

Prakriya is a school that is committed to go beyond factory schooling which dehumanises us and alienates us from the earth that supports life. We are focussed on discovering meaningful ways of working with children and share our learning about ecological education with others through our sister organisations, Bhoomi Network and Prakriya Educator and Institution Development Centre.

Our children are the leaders and citizens who will face the
crisis of climate change and its consequences tomorrow... hence focusing on education that awakens us to theses realities is essential today.

  • Applications are being issued at the school office for Prep 1 (L.K.G), Prep 2 (U.K.G), Class 3, Classes 6 to 10. There are no vacancies for Classes 1,2, 4 & 5  for 2018-19.
  • Contact us and send in preliminary information in the form provided.

    Prakriya believes in fostering wholistic learning in multiple ways and will not measure children by marks alone.

    We recommend that parents go through this website carefully and ponder if they really are with Prakriya’s philosophy before they seek admission for their child in Prakriya… Contact Us

  • Learning is more meaningful when the focus in on the underlying processes of learning and not on the content alone. How we learn – with enthusiasm and fondness for teachers or with fear and helplessness, with understanding of connections to the larger picture or as piece-meal bits of information – these are processes which matter much more for the future of our children than we may imagine…

    Prakriya is a school that has integrated much research as well as common sense on learning processes into its philosophy, teacher training and curriculum design.

  • Expansion of thinking processes happens by exposure to people who constantly see the larger picture as well as through individual search, research and possibly, through meditation and intuition.

    At Prakriya we work at going beyond reductionist thinking and short term results, through encouraging children to ask questions, debate over issues and think about experiences from different perspectives. Collaborative working and problem solving also helps us with wholistic thinking. Interestingly, children love such excercises!

  • The Sports programme is developed around Shram, Shraddha, Shakthi and Santhrupthi – Hard work, focus, strength building and fulfilment. The beckoning is towards working for one’s ‘personal best’ efforts and not only winning.

    Children are also encouraged to join in adventure based field trips to wilderness areas – apart from adventure round the corner during Nature Walks…

  • Being aware of oneself, understanding to some extent one’s feelings, responses and relationships makes for more wholesome and wise living…

    At Prakriya we try to faciitate the process of building self-awareness through conversations, where teachers avoid preaching and foster a non-judgmental exploration of real life situations.

    To facilitate personal growth of teachers, Prakriya offers process labs, retreats, feedback, workshops and a climate of cooperation and collaboration; Circle time is a space for children to speak out – about their responses to people and situations, give feedback to each other and voice their opinions without fear.

  • Do we need education for children to live in the past or the future? Learning to live sustainably will be imperative in the future – and not a green fad.

    If our children are to be part of the solution – their vision needs to encompass a larger world. We believe that we need to go beyond stereotypes and be a pioneering schooling that cares for ecological wisdom – hence, we offer opportunities to children to work with eco-projects and activities to foster consciousness of being earth citizens.

  • As Einstein said, “What counts most cannot be counted”. Art, Craft, Music, conversations, friendships are some of the things that have a non-measurable but significant impact on our happiness and sense of fulfilment in Life.

    The Art and Craft programme is not treated as another “subject” in Prakriya but as a space to help children discover themselves – their thoughts, reflections and the simple joy of creating…

We cannot 'teach' anyone sensitivity, critical thinking, the ability to question or to see the large picture...

but in an environment where adults work with commitment, children 'pick up' these abilities and strengths.