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Prakriya means ‘Following Nature’s wisdom”.

It is derived from the root Sanskrit word ‘Prakruti’ meaning nature – nature within us and around us. Prakriya also means process. Learning based on this philosophy would involve more experiential, activity based learning, more conversations and questioning as well as 'active learning' where children are more involved in their work.

It is important that children learn amidst beautiful natural surroundings with eco-friendly buildings and also grow up in a culture of respect for other humans and beings, and for the place, the 'commons' that we are linked to.

At Prakriya we believe that every child’s natural talent and wisdom must be fostered.

Along with the academic rigour, we need to build intellectual rigour in students, through fostering concept understanding, and the keenness to search.

We are fully convinced that to live out our philosophy we necessarily have to move away from factory style standardized teaching-learning and work with:

  • Processes of understanding and critical thinking, along with content based learning.
  • Respect for diverse strengths of children and responding to the innate nature of the child.
  • A warm, disciplined, humanizing community of students – teachers – parents.
  • Giving importance to academic requirements as well as experiential learning.
  • Weaving in life skills and application of knowledge in various activities.



All things are connected,
like the blood which unites one family.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons
of the earth.
Man did not weave the web of the life,
he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself.

-Chief Seattle, 1854