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Prakriya Teacher Training Centre

Offers one year intensive Teacher Training course – PG Diploma in Holistic Education for those who want to
  • be a creative teacher
  • understand learning and group processes as a parent or informal educator

Courses offered include:

  • 1 Year - PG Diploma in Holistic Education 2018-2019
  • 6 month - Certificate in Holistic Education 2018-2019
  • 2 month-short term course in Creative Teaching – Jan-Feb 2018

These courses are offered in collaboration with Bhoomi College, Bangalore.


About the courses on offer for the year 2016-17

  • 1 year Diploma programme which includes 7 months of course work, three months of internship, project work and presentation of dissertation. The course begins in July and ends in  April.
  • 7 months Certificate programme which includes the same 7 months of course work as for the diploma above; but does not include project work, internship or the requirement of the dissertation. The first term is held from July to October and the second term from  January to March

Basic Information about these courses:

  • This course is designed by the experienced facilitators of Prakriya Green Wisdom School, which has, over the last fifteen years worked with educational philosophy, principles and processes which are enlivening and meaningful for children, facilitators and parents.
  • This diploma programme can be useful to those who wish to be a creative teacher, learning facilitator, especially in progressive schools around the country.
  • You can acquire a nationally recognised B.Ed. degree, if you wish to, through distance education for which you will be supported in enrolment and completion of the course.
  • Engage in holistic enquiry about learning processes and philosophies and purpose of education, critically understand the connections of education with our socio economic system and take up research or educational activism.

Unique features of the Course

  • A cutting-edge curriculum. The programme includes essentials from top-notch research and practice in education and learning worldwide. The findings we will present are relevant not only for the present but also for the future.
  • Learning from innovative educationists with decades of pedagogic and research experience. The faculty for the course are a multi-disciplinary team comprising educationists and heads of institutions as well as facilitators from Prakriya Green Wisdom School.
  • A process approach. Intensive experiential and group sessions, a co-created learning ambience and hands-on engagement through real-life projects, field trips and internships will make your learning exciting, rigorous and transformative.
  • Creative culture-building. You will learn how to use these processes to go beyond teaching/learning to creating, nurturing, sustaining and systematising educational life and work spaces that are creative and meaningful.
  • Your choice of specialisation. You will be free to choose your focus segment from Prakriya Green Wisdom School's nursery, primary, middle school or high school sections, for practical work.
  • Gift Culture. The fees for this programme are highly subsidised by the KNA Foundation trust and many teachers who donate their time and energy for this course.

Learning Modality
How we learn determines our learning in significant ways. The curriculum includes not only content but also many interconnecting and evolving processes. 

Bhoomi’s courses are designed such that a participant can

  • focus more on a mix of experiential and hands-on learning and book and research based learning.
  • learn through observation and co- teaching classes at Prakriya.
  • through field trips, projects and through the many inspiring teachers who visit us…

The programme apart from classroom sessions will include field trips, collaborative assignments, learning to make creative presentations including through videos, self-initiated and student led sessions and much more. 

These sessions aim to be as interesting as the classes a creative educator needs to design for her students.

Modules and Calendar
(for both 1 year and 6 month courses on Holistic Education)
For the 6 month course, internship and project work/dissertation work do not apply


Inauguration and Orientation


Observation sessions in Prakriya Green Wisdom School


Orientation along with Bhoomi students of other courses


Connecting to the school space, philosophy and human issues


Residential self-exploration programme at Bhoomi Centre

August - October

Principles of Education; Brain science, multiple intelligences and  
other approaches; Holistic, Experiential  processes.


Role of art & music;  theatre, storytelling & use of multimedia

October - November

Education, Sustainability and seeing the 'whole child' – a Holistic  




Issues regarding Urban life, media etc, – focus on sustainable living 
educational processes. (waste, water, air and energy)


Deep Ecology –Programme at Sharavathi Rain Forest


Principles and Practices for Holistic Learning


Project work and dissertation; Presentations and feedback

To apply for these courses (for both 1 year and 6 month courses on Holistic Education)

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or Call at 9449853834, 080-2844 1173


Admissions for the year 2018-19 will begin from December 2017.



Admissions 2018 -19

Applications will be available from December 2017.

Course begins

July 2018


‘Alternative Education’

The Holistic Education programme offered by Bhoomi College seemed like the perfect fit when I wanted to take a break to understand ‘alternative education’. Little did I know then that these eight months would create an impact on me, not just intellectually, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Investing time in my inner-self as part of the foundation module – Connecting to Land, Self and Community is a journey I will cherish forever. From understanding perceptions, complexity, self-enquiry and other processes, my outlook towards life changed. The positivity of the space and the reverence with which sessions were facilitated made the struggles I was silently fighting seem resolvable. Offerings made by facilitators and peers instilled faith and hope..

Running in parallel were discussions on sustainability, and by late August, the much-awaited modules on education began.

The energy within me changed. Understanding psychology (like brain sciences, the stages of development, windows of opportunity for learning), the need for mixed age groups, thematic learning, whole language approach, multiple intelligences, learning styles and active learning methodology (to name a few), gave perspectives I would have never gained otherwise. Prakriya-specific practices like building sensitivity, ‘Circle Time’, emergent curriculum and storytelling helped as well. Interacting with educationists Miss Madhu Suri, Miss Jane Sahi (Founder, Sita School), Mr Gautama (Director, Pathashaala), Seetha Anathasivan (Founder Trustee, Prakriya School) and facilitators from Prakriya helped in understanding their philosophy of education, and questioning the current system.


Both the inner-outer ecology and deep ecology programmes set a new dimension I could tread on. With guidance from the facilitators at the college, I have started mirroring some of these sessions (like appreciating diversity, realising one’s strengths, understanding blocks to creativity, etc.) back home. Concurrently, I wish to explore opportunities of working with teachers at low-income schools and understand policies that make our education system.

Vaishnavi Srinivasan, a student of Sustainable Living course at Bhoomi College, 2016-17. She works with governent schools through her organisation, Bhumi.